Selected Writing

Rachel Cusk, Parade
The Saturday Paper, (June 2024)

Moving Towards Grief, Christina Sharpe’s Ordinary Notes
The Monthly, (June, 2023)

Vigdis Hjorth, Is Mother Dead, (trans. Charlotte Barslund)
The Saturday Paper, (February 4, 2023)

‘The Cut is Tangible’, A Conversation with Anwen Crawford
LA Review of Books, (August, 2022)

‘Only one refused’, essay on archives, memory and the afterlife of war
Heat Magazine, Series 3, (February, 2022)

Grand Designs, Deborah Levy’s Real Estate
The Monthly (June, 2021)

In Our Nature, Helen McDonald’s Vesper Flights
The Monthly (October, 2020)

The Words Will Find Their Place, An Interview with Adania Shibli
Bomb Magazine (September, 2020)

Charlotte Beradt’s Extraordinary Work on Dreams under Hitler
New Yorker (November, 2019)

Adania Shibli’s Minor Detail
The Monthly (July, 2020)

Jenny Offill’s Weather
The Monthly (April, 2020)

What Should We Send Into Space as a New Record of Humanity?
LitHub (April, 2019)

It Won’t Love You Back, An Interview with Maria Tumarkin
LA Review of Books (September, 2019)

Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children’s Archive
The Monthly (April, 2019)

‘After the Strider, the Stranger’
Reading the Landscape, A Celebration of Australian Writing
(University of Queensland Press, 2018)

Rachel Cusk, Outline
Sydney Review of Books (March, 2015)

Rachel Kushner, The Flamethrowers
Sydney Review of Books (September, 2013)

The Most Holy Object in the House
Tablet (July, 2016)

On Christian Boltanski
The Monthly (March, 2014)